Riding since: 2001, Teaching for over 15 years, Examiner of new Instructors with the IKO

Riding style:  Surf & a little bit of Wakestyle is what I like these days! Free Foiling in the lighter winds!

Where you’ll find me: Jetty Island, El Gorge, The Coast, Mexico!

Favorite thing about kiting: I enjoy the true pure freedom of entering a new state of mind while riding. Harnessing the power of a force you cannot see is definitely an exciting ride! 

On instructing: Its great seeing the spark ignite in our students, watching them progress and hearing how their new addiction has taken over their life just like all kiteboarders. 

Favorite kiting spots: Brazil, Maui, Oahu, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam.


Riding since: 2015

Riding style: Big Air

Where you’ll find me riding: Rooster Rock, Jetty Island or the super remote Playa Copal 

Favorite thing about kiting:  Kiting never gets old, it allows me to always keep pushing my own limits and trying to improve

On Instructing:  It is so rewarding as an instructor to watch students challenge themselves in the water and emerge with renewed confidence and stoke!

Favorite kiting spots: Bahia Salinas Costa Rica, Outer Banks North Carolina

Other activities: Foilboading


Riding since: 2015

Riding style: free ride/waves

Where you’ll find me riding: La Ventana B.C.S. Mexico 

Favorite thing about kiting: harnessing the winds power for pure enjoyment! 

On Instructing:  seeing the genuine stoke on the students faces through all phases of learning to kite

Favorite kiting spots: La Ventana-B.C.S. Mexico. Progreso, Mexico. Zandvoort, Netherlands. Punta Trettu, Italy. Nitinat Lake, B.C., Canada. 

Other activities: More Kiting! 

Matt D

Riding since: 2006

Riding style: Boosted table tops and down-loop front rolls

Where you’ll find me: Puget Sound or the Gorge

Favorite thing about kiting: Watching TD soar upside-down

On Instructing: Crossfit on the water.

Favorite kiting spots: Jetty Island

Other activities: Sailing, Gardening



Riding since: 2008, when he was 9 years old! 

Riding style: Freeride, Freestyle, Waves 

Where you’ll find me: Jetty, Hood River, Maui 

Favorite thing about kiting: Riding with friends and my Naish kites, the best for kids! 

Other activities: Snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and soccer.



Riding since: 2008, teaching since 2016

Riding style: Freestyle, unhooked, strapless surf, and waves

Where you’ll find me riding: Our amazing local beaches, the coast, the Gorge & Baja all winter long!

Favorite thing about kiting: Kiteboarding is more than just a sport or hobby for me, it's a lifestyle. We're all fueled by the same stoke, I love that kiting brings together people, builds a sense of community and pushes everyone's progression.

On Instructing: One of the most rewarding things about instructing is watching people progress & helping to build their confidence. From learning to kite for the first time, to trying your first unhooked trick, progression is endless in this sport. I love being able to help push progression in a fun supportive environment.

Favorite kiting spots: Anywhere there's flat water or waves. I love traveling, outside of the PNW some of my favorite spots are Mexico, Peru, & Puerto Rico!

Other activities: Travel, spearfishing, mountain biking, riding dirtbikes & motorcycles, skiing & climbing.



Riding since: 2003

Riding style: Freestyle / Freeride / Waves & Sliders 

Where you’ll find me: Puget Sound, Gorge, Coast – Come Find ME ! 

Favorite thing about kiting: The ability to pack up and get out in a variety of great year-round conditions that the NW provides. 

On instructing: I enjoy sharing the stoke I have for the sport and pushing others to progress their riding skills to the next level. 

Favorite kiting spots: Mexico, Hawaii, Hatteras, South Padre Island.

Other activities: Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Sailing, Hiking.