Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kiteboarding ? - It's three sports in one!  You are the board rider, the boat driver, required to sail a vessel and sometimes even take flight.  A kiteboarder harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water! Like life, kiteboarding is journey, not a destination!!


Is kiteboarding dangerous ? - Like every extreme sport there are always inherent risks, and this one being 3 sports in one is why it is so beneficial to have the direction, supervision and support of an instructor trained and certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization. Being patience and learning the skills necessary to make kiteboarding fun and safe will help lower risks for you and others around you. 

How long does it take to become a kiteboarder ? - Typically it takes clients any where from 10-15 sometimes 25 hours of supervised instruction before they are confident to begin practicing on their own.  This is why its recomended to reserve multiple days on the training calendar incase the wind does not cooperate on all of your days. We area also often booked out 3-4 weeks in advance in peak season.

Can I get a discount If I have my own equipment ? - You are welcome to bring your own equipment and instructors can evaluate it safety for use in the lesson and wind conditions that day, but no discounts are available as the instructor works just the same. If you do choose to bring your own gear please let us know in advance.


What is the average age range / minimum age ? - Average age of our clients tend to be between 25-65 years old. It is possible to get started as young as 12 with special instruction. 


What if there is no wind on my training day ? - If you make it out on your scheduled training day and the wind does not show, you will have to reschedule. You will be able to select another date that reads ‘Open’ on the training calendar. But no wind days are a part of this sport, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature! 


Do you use Radio Coaching ? - Yes, we use BBTalking headsets with students that are at riding level for Real time coaching on the water.


Why are Talking Headsets Beneficial ? - Through our experience as Instructors, it enables us to give our students directions for safety and real-time skill correction while they are in current motion of learning.


What should I bring with me to my training day ? -  Come prepared to be outside for the days weather.  Wetsuit, sunscreen, towel, hat, snacks, water, and warm clothing for end of the day. Drink a lot of water and stretch out before hand. The only bathrooms located on Jetty island are at the dock.


How many spots can I reserve on the calendar at one time ? - Paid clients can reserve up to 3 open spots on the training calendar at any one time.  Unlimited Season Pass holders can reserve up to 5 spots


Can I take a lesson with a friend ?  -  Only Level 1 and 2 you can take at the same time with a friend.   Level 3 Riding Lessons are all 1 on 1 as instructors cannot supervise the safety of 2 students with 2 kites in the air at the same time.


Can I rent equipment ? - Liability in the US does not allow us to rent equipment out with out having an instructor there for safety and support.  


Is a wetsuit required ? - Yes, typical thickness recommended is 4/3, we have these available for rent for $20 with advanced notice


What is your Cancelation Policy ? -  Cancellations made 48 hours in advance will receive credit for another date. Late, last minute cancellations or no show will be charged $100 before a refund or credit for another course is issued. ($100 charged for lesson w/ a friend no show or cancelation).  Lesson time is based on actual instruction whether on the beach or in the water, your instructor will keep time an take breaks as needed.  Any additional time over the paid amount will be invoiced to the client after the course, any incomplete time will be credited towards clients next training session.   All incomplete lessons or unused credits will be refunded after a 4% processing fee at the end of the season (September 15th)