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New Slash 11m.jpg

Naish Slash 11m - $570 Used 5 Sessions only = Like New

The Slash is a fast turning kite designed for wave riding and beginners due to its low / boxy profile shape. It drifts back in and stays in the wind window for power and pull down the line. Also great for foilboarders who want to take it to the waves.

New Dash 9m.jpg

Naish Dash 9m 2017 - $520 Used = Like New

The Dash is fast, responsive and powerful both in the turns and in jumps. It excels for freestyle and freeriding. This used kite has only been flown a total of 10x and is crispy like new

New Pivot 7m.jpg

Naish Pivot 7m 2018 - $575 Used / Like New

The Pivot is one of Naish Kiteboarding's most popular kites because it is so well rounded and suits almost any rider and riding style. Flies fast and pivots for sharp turns, it has become "Do it all Kite" many riders around the world.

Used Ride 6m.jpg

Naish Ride 2013 6m -$200

Naish Ride is a 2 strut canopy and is very strong and stable for a 6m used in higher winds. .

Torque ATB Contro Bar.jpg

Naish Torque Above the Bar 2018 Control System $200 Used * SOLD *


Naish Base Below the Bar 2017 Control System $160 Used


Naish Torque Below the Bar 2018 Control System $270 used control bar w/ NEW LINEs

* SOLD *


Used Land Based Training Kites

Retired with some repairs, most come with new bar and lines

2m - $85

2.5m - $95

3m - $110